About Us

by Dominick Lucas
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Coinjet was made as a free media stage for digital currency and business news. We are an organization that joins an editorial way to deal with our substance with a solid portion of pragmatism. We are another sort of media creator, one who is responsible to his perusers and to the business he addresses.

Our point is to advance better figuring out about cryptographic forms of money and their true capacity in the money area. Information is power, yet it ought not be saved for just some people.

It all began back in 2013 when I started mining Bitcoin as a leisure activity. I adored it such a lot of that I needed to impart my experience to other people who were likewise keen on crypto. Thus, Coinjet was conceived.

In 2017 we made this stage where we can talk transparently unafraid of stressing over disturbing individuals or being closed down since somebody could have done without what we needed to say.

Over in India, Bitcoin exchanging volume has arrived at an unsurpassed high too marvellous the nation’s stock exchange! All this carried us to make a perfect and straightforward web composition for Coinjet The least complex method for remaining refreshed on anything crypto related!