Accelerating Renewable Energy Electrification & Rural Economic Development With EHP

by Ginger Webb
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According to a 2021 World Bank report, the last decade witnessed a greater percentage of the human population having access to electricity than in previous times. However, the report further pointed out that the number of people in third-world countries who don’t have access to electricity increased. Suppose there is no significant effort to reduce the deficits in these third-world countries. In that case, we will undoubtedly not meet the target of having the entire population access affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy by the next decade.

As the world intensifies the quest for universal access to sustainable and renewable energy, EHP Technology presents a wonderful approach to driving renewable energy electrification and entrenching rural economic development. Today, more than ever before in human history, there is a need for a renewable-based solution for universal electrification.

The EHP Technology Innovation

EHP is a revolutionary fifth-generation green energy technology developed to proffer solutions to the global energy crisis and climate change. The technology has been proven by globally renowned laboratories, institutions, and universities. The Energies Journal called it the technology of the future. EHP has over 20 publications across some of the world’s most reputable scientific journals.

One of the top-selling points of EHP is its affinity for renewable energy sources. All EHP-based products can be integrated 100% to clean energy. Since one of the leading causes of poor universal access to renewable energy electrification is the high energy cost, EHP is tailored to reduce energy costs and make it readily affordable for the general global population. For example, EHP Technology Photo-Voltaic Panels (PVT) utilize 90% less water, resulting in higher efficiency and a 28% percentage increase in electricity generation at much lower pumping costs. EHP also reduces the cost of photo voltaic thermal units by over 38% while having the same efficiency as conventional ones. The less costly it is for people to access renewable energy electrification, the faster we can achieve universal access to electricity. With the features of EHP Technology, we can rest assured that the global population will enjoy unfettered access to affordable and reliable access to electricity.

Driving Rural Economic Development

The business and economic model of EHP allows investors from all over the world to invest in revolutionary green energy projects. The implication is that rural communities can easily access funding to support green energy projects in their area. With these projects serving rural communities, businesses can enjoy access to stable, reliable, low-end electricity and energy. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), there is a direct correlation between energy sufficiency and business growth & job creation. By solving the energy problem for rural communities, EHP automatically opens up the economic fortunes of these rural areas.


EHP Technology provides us with the tools to ensure universal renewable energy electrification and drive rural economic development. The technology builds up our confidence in an economically thriving society while enjoying a healthier and cleaner planet.

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