MDEX’s Third Anniversary: The Path of Flexibility Amidst Changes

by Ginger Webb
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Dear Global MDEX Users,

How fortunate we are to journey through time alongside you. With the winter cold dispersing, the stars shine brightly. As MDEX celebrates its third anniversary, the crypto market is gradually warming up. In this new year, we wish you safety, joy, and happiness every year.

Over the past two years, the global economy has been sluggish, and the total market value of the cryptocurerncy market has shrunk significantly. Together, we have experienced a long, cold winter. Under stringent regulations, the cryptocurrency market continues to face severe challenges. MDEX has been laying low amidst the challenges, responding to the market with a more far-reaching and forward-looking perspective. Embracing long-termism has become the key to MDEX’s breakthrough amid the changing landscape.

During the market downturn, MDEX maintained stability and continuity in creation, avoiding blind expansion. Instead, the focus was on meticulous research into and meeting the needs of each user, discerning future long-term trends, and advancing in the direction of product strength. This deliberate pace has led to its stable passage through today’s market winter. Looking ahead, with the market gradually warming up, MDEX will delve deeper into the web3 domain, continuing to create more valuable products for users and providing better support for partners’ development.

In 2023, MDEX underwent a comprehensive upgrade in UI visuals, interaction experiences, and reinforced various technical aspects to meet different trading needs. In the quest to provide efficient, low-cost trading services, we explored and studied solutions such as aggregated trading. With Binance Smart Chain’s announcement of the new scalability solution (OPBNB), we actively deployed it on the testnet, offering MDEX broader upgrading potential in the future. To explore more value points, MDEX also deployed the Bittorrent-Chain (BTTC) network and held business activities in collaboration with BTTC’s official team. These active collaborations with numerous public chains have laid a solid foundation for multi-chain layouts.

Never waste a crisis, for each crisis serves as a stress test, demonstrating resilience and determination for those who uphold discipline and train diligently in ordinary times. In the coming year, as the market warms up, MDEX will continue to strive for outstanding products while navigating the challenges in financial innovation.Furthermore, fostering project growth and ensuring user asset security and experience will remain MDEX’s two major focuses. 

As per the plan, here is MDEX’s 2024 roadmap.

First Quarter (Q1):

  1. Launch NFT trading, allowing users to create and trade NFTs. With gradual improvements and iterations in product functionality, we’ll witness innovative ways to monetize NFTs, providing more users with earning opportunities and increasing market liquidity.
  2. Continue multi-chain and multi-dimensional construction, gradually expanding the MDEX ecosystem to networks like OPBNB, zkSync, among others. Layer 2 networks possess enormous growth potential within the DeFi ecosystem, offering increased composability for the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Second Quarter (Q2):

  1. Starting from the second quarter, DEX and NFT markets will add at least one blockchain network each quarter, catering to users with different needs and trading habits from various public chains.

Third Quarter (Q3):

  1. Revamp the order book architecture, launch a new decentralized order book, providing users with decentralized limit orders, achieving low-slippage, low-cost trading experiences, and offering a more user-friendly order book trading interface.  

Fourth Quarter (Q4):

  1. Implement aggregation trading to provide users with stronger trading depths and optimal trading paths for competitive pricing.
  2. As the BRC20 wave rises, more opportunities will emerge quietly. We will actively engage in the deployment of the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem, including but not limited to projects or technical integrations related to BTC, expanding MDEX’s influence in this domain.

The journey of 2024 has begun, and MDEX is steadily advancing toward its destination. Amidst the ebb and flow, we continue to forge ahead, solidifying our core capabilities. In the ever-changing market, we firmly believe that tireless technological innovation will bring lasting prosperity. As we ascend, as long as passion remains in our hearts, all our efforts will converge toward ascent.

Finally, once again, thank you all for your continuous attention and support for MDEX.


January 9, 2024

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