The Perfect Fusion of Art and Technology: LightCycle Night Showcases the New Landscape of Future Entertainment

by Ginger Webb
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On the evening of September 26th, the world watched as Hong Kong’s EDGE Global AI & Web3 Investment Summit hosted the Metaverse era’s grandest event – LightCycle Night. This innovative and diverse gathering attracted guests, innovators, investors, and virtual world enthusiasts from across the globe to witness the dawn of a new Metaverse chapter. The event featured prominent figures from various fields, highlighting the boundless potential of the Metaverse era and the incredible experiences offered by digital technology.

The event kicked off with a spectacular performance titled “Illusion” by the top 16 members of the meet48 Web3.0 Global Idol Popularity Chart. This chart involved 200 idols and garnered over 1.3 million votes from 300,000 global fans using digital wallets for decentralized fan-idol connections. The performing idols were the top 16 finalists, hailing from SNH48, one of Asia’s largest girl idol groups. Their performance showcased the music and dance of the new era, emphasizing the unique fan-idol interaction in the digital age.

Ander Tsui, founder of Vertex Labs, the world’s leading provider of WEB3 and AI infrastructure, CEO of the popular blue chip 3D NFT fashion brand HAPE, and the organizer of the Hong Kong EDGE Summit, praised the idol groups’ performances and announced a strategic partnership between Vertex Labs (the parent company of LightCycle) and Meitac Holdings. Meitac Holdings is a prominent player in China’s WEB3.0 and XR Internet sector, known for artists like Ju Jingyi and SNH48 GROUP, and the series Yunxi. Together, they will create a Metaverse interactive social platform, offering users and idols an immersive, cross-dimensional experience.

Ander Tsui shared his vision for the Metaverse era, emphasizing how it will revolutionize our lifestyle, communication, and entertainment through digital technology.

Another highlight was the augmented reality performance by British singer-songwriter Robbie Williams, in partnership with LightCycle, which is set to perform on its Metaverse virtual concert platform when it launches in December this year and ticket sales will be available soon. Treating the audience to a taste of what fans can expect, he delivered an exclusive AR performance of “Rock DJ,” showcasing the fusion of digital technology and music for a spectacular show.


During the event, Sara Ezen, CEO of LightCycle, took the stage to present the platform’s latest updates and initiated an on-site interactive quiz. She highlighted LightCycle’s diversity, combining content from fashion, music, sports, and entertainment, and emphasized its innovative technologies in the Metaverse era, with the audience showing great interest and active participation.

As the evening continued, the highlight was the prize draw, with celebrities from various fields presenting unique NFT prizes to lucky guests. Hollywood figure Sid Ganis, Japanese industry icon Yoshi Akatsuka, MOV’s global CEO Jason Wang, and others added glamour to the event. These prizes, precious digital collectibles, exemplified the charm of the Metaverse era.

– Sid Ganis:

Prize: Exclusive Oscar-signed poster NFT by Sid.

– Yoshi Akatsuka:

Prize: Exclusive NFT from H3 Entertainment’s Metaverse film “Interstice.”

– Jason Wang:

Prize: Collectible NFT commemorating Leslie Cheung provided by Jason.

– Jason Lai:

Prize: NFT of the artwork “”Shan Hai Jing – Qilin” by Korean artist Liu Jiayue, the first collectible edition NFT for H3 Entertainment’s “Shan Hai Jing” blockbuster film.

LightCycle Night was more than a banquet; it was a celebration of the Metaverse era. It blended digital technology and entertainment seamlessly, signifying the dawn of this new era. The event’s success in attracting international IP can be attributed to its advanced technology and astute business acumen.

Firstly, LightCycle’s use of Unreal Engine 5 and real-time edge rendering technology allowed for limitless creativity and stunning visuals. Unreal Engine 5, a cutting-edge gaming engine, provided powerful graphics capabilities, while real-time edge rendering maintained quality without high hardware demands.

Secondly, LightCycle’s blockchain-based ecosystem ensured IP protection and fair rewards through decentralization and smart contracts. 

In terms of business, LightCycle’s cross-industry integration enriched user experiences and opened doors for diverse IP collaborations. Effective marketing via social media and events built strong brand recognition and community engagement.

In essence, LightCycle Night’s success in attracting international IP resulted from its technology, business savvy, and resource integration, establishing it as a shining star in the Metaverse era, ushering in new opportunities and challenges for the digital creative industry.

About Vertex Labs

Vertex Labs is a Metaverse, Web3 and AI infrastructure provider, powered by decentralised, real-time edge rendering engine. Its cutting-edge technology includes: A metaverse graph consensus mechanism enabling large-scale parallel processing that outmatches traditional Layer 1 protocols; a real-time edge rendering engine with flexible distributed real-time rendering technology delivering improved efficiency and lower costs for all users; interactive metaverse technology with extensive device and devkit support, enabling seamless creation and experience of immersive 3D models and environments.

About LightCycle

LightCycle is a hyper-realistic virtual commercial city, created using Unreal Engine 5 and real-time edge rendering technology. With powerful editor and AI generation technology, both users and merchants can effortlessly bring their content to life, offering a seamless and secure experience powered by blockchain technology. LightCycle offers a convergence that spans multiple industries, including art, film, gaming, music, fashion, sports, real estate, retail, and more. It provides an immersive cultural experience within a virtual commercial city that is bustling with activity.

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