How to Save Hawaiian Geese and Get Wealth with Grand Goose Mansion?

by Ginger Webb
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GRAND GOOSE MANSION is a very cozy home for cute Hawaiian geese. Each of you can release one goose or several, you just need to buy (mint) an NFT pegged to the image of the Hawaiian goose or nene.

Obviously, the Grand goose mansion is a unique project of the geese metaverse, the geeseverse. In fact, it is created for people who share a love for wildlife and technology, who mint NFTs and get fabulous bonuses at first, and healthy profits later. With this project, you can not only save very beautiful birds from extinction but also get a decent reward. How about being one of the first inhabitants of one of the most unusual metaverses? With this project, you can !

How it works?

Grand goose mansion is where NFTs are minted pegged to very nice and, moreover, unique images of a rare, useful, and cute bird – nene or Hawaiian goose. In total, there are 7777 birds in this flock. The magic number, right? But this is only the beginning of the charm. All geese are unique and have a cheap and most amazing design. However, geese #1111, #2222, #3333, #4444, #5555, #6666, #7777 are special. If you are lucky to purchase a token with one of these numbers, you will immediately get an additional 1 ETH. The historical maximum of this coin is over $4800. You become an investor in the most promising cryptocurrency!

But there are five more Money Geese. They appeared in a vault in the Grand Mansion, where $100,000 is stored, and divided the money equally among themselves. If you are lucky and mint a Money Goose, then you will get $20,000 on the reveal day. Not bad for a start, right? And this is just the beginning. In the next couple of months, before the end of Q1 2022, the following events will take place:

– airdrop for NFT holders;

– metaverse (geeseverse) creation;

– game and token development with utility in the game.

The co-founders of the Grand goose mansion are not just having fun but are inviting us to come on this fun ride. They say: ride with us as we build a community that will stand against all odds. GEESEPAPPY and POLO23 are both successful entrepreneurs, and with the help of GGM, they are ready to be among the first to develop the metaverses technology.

Building a community is the main goal of the project. And the financial framework for the community is as follows. $100k will be donated to the community DAO. And immediately within the DAO, a vote is held on how to use these funds. It is assumed that over time, the geese from the geeseverse will have a special character and utilities.

Early project participants who are whitelisted and get access to the presale stage will get the maximum benefit. Presale is an early NFT sale, for which a maximum of 1000 tokens will be minted. Lucky early whitelisted investors can buy one NFT at a lesser price.The remaining 6777 NFTs will be sold during the public launch. And you can buy as much as you want and on fair terms. Don’t forget – the more tokens you have, the more influence you have in the DAO, not to mention, the more NFTs you have, the bigger your income will be if you want to sell them on OpenSea later when the community has already been created. Usually, the price after reveal increases x-times. But perhaps there is no need to sell these NFTs in the short term. The founders promise a fun and exciting journey. And not only in the geeseverse. Each GGM token gives you an option to get one free Gorilla NFT. And this is a ticket to another metaverse! And of course, every goose owner gets a ticket to the annual Grand Mansion Party.

A bit more about real life and real nene, Hawaiian geese. It is, unfortunately, an endangered species. 200 years ago there were 25 thousand of them, and now – 10 times less. These cute birds may disappear altogether and remain only in zoos. But if you settle in the geeseverse Grand goose mansion, you can help the geese in real life. Immediately after the launch of the project, $10,000 will go to a zoo in Hawaii to help keep geese alive and not out of extinction.

It remains only to decide how to become whitelisted, because this is a sure chance to profitably buy NFT and become a member of the community. It’s easy if you follow the Discord. You will need to have a Goose profile picture, add GGM to your discord, invite active people to the server, or complete the bounty task. Details will be announced there on Discord too. Discord is the best way to follow the progress of a project. And it always pays off, no doubt about it: on Discord you can get money and free tokens, $15,500 plus 10 free NFTs, to be precise.

And for those who want to keep the process under control: go to the site, follow Instagram and Twitter

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