With GTS High Frequency Trading (HFT) with AI Strategies, Ordinary Investors Can Be an Oracle

by Ginger Webb
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Since their emergence in the 1980s, high frequency trading (HFT) with AI investment funds have remained a very mysterious force on Wall Street.

In the U.S high frequency trading (HFT) with AI funds has a high fundraising hurdle  – they are only accessible to a small number of qualified investors. Their investment strategies are also not disclosed to the public. At the same time, managers of high frequency trading (HFT) with AI funds have historically been among the highest paid positions in the world, all of which contributes to the secrecy in this area.

James Simons is arguably a legend for high frequency trading (HFT) with AI. By skillfully applying mathematical theories to the real world of investing, Simons has become the “Mr. Model” in the investment world. The Medallion Fund, managed by Simmons, generated an average annual return of more than 60% over the two decades from 1989to 2009. This performance is more than 20% better than the average annual return of the S&P 500 Index over the same period. Even when compared to the performance of financial giants Soros and Warren Buffett, the Medallion Fund is way ahead by more than 10%. It can be said that the magic of high frequency trading (HFT) with AI is to help some ordinary people achieve stable annual returns.

With the rise of crypto assets, the value of the crypto market has skyrocketed. Compared with traditional finance, many believe that high frequency trading (HFT) with AI in crypto assets can boost returns and provide investors with generous income even in a bear market.

According to a respected crypto expert, there will be no trading halt in the cryptocurrency world in the future. High frequency trading (HFT) with AI can be done 7/24 nonstop. Moreover, since the crypto market is far more volatile than the stock market, even some simple trend following strategies like mean breakout, turtle strategy and Ketner channel can lead to better results. And quantification can also help choose better quality investment targets.

The above cases make us confident about high frequency trading (HFT) with AI. The next question then is to choose a suitable high frequency trading (HFT) with an AI institution. Among the numerous crypto-quantification teams, GTS stands out as one of the most popular quantification tools among users. With its experience in high frequency trading (HFT) with AI and strong capabilities in data analysis, strategy development, modeling and risk control, GTS is the most compliant, comprehensive, robust and complete service system in the market.

The History of GTS

In 2013, GTS was founded as one of the leading global asset management companies specializing in alternative investments. At that time, co-founder Jack filed the company’s first patent – an AI learning system. With the popularity of the company and the success of the high frequency trading (HFT) with AI software, GTS became a sensation in the global trading market and the first choice of high frequency trading (HFT) with AIfor many people.

Most of the GTS team members are interdisciplinary talents who have worked in the traditional financial industry. They have both financial knowledge and IT. In the past, the models launched by such high frequency trading (HFT) with AI teams were not accessible to ordinary investors. But thanks to the team, GTS is now offering the public the opportunity for ordinary investors to have access to world-class investment models.

Since last year, with the rise of Web3, GTS has deployed the Web3 ecosystem and become quite a popular high frequency trading (HFT) with AI tool in the market. It currently manages $8.65 billion in assets and invests in emerging technologies and AI. GTS is able to identify opportunities at the intersection of gaming, infrastructure, Web3 and Open Finance.

Today, GTS has more than 30,000 customers, over 200 employees, and annual net transaction growth of more than 23%. GTS’s mission is to deliver superior investment results with manageable risk and provide the highest level of security for users.

GTS: an example tool of quantitative trading

If you have used GTS, then you probably have a deep impression of its high level of security. As experienced crypto players, we have seen countless failures on exchanges, drastic price fluctuations, etc., which have often cost investors a lot of money. In comparison, GTS has a secure and stable system that has been working flawlessly for years. GTS’s adaptation of crypto technology ensures the security of data on the GTS network.

So to speak, GTS is not only a high frequency trading (HFT) with AI tool, but also the most secure crypto wallet in the world to protect your money.

GTS has made it its mission to effectively increase the size of users’ assets. GTS aggregates quotes from global exchanges and provides strong data support to develop complete and professional strategies based on AI, cloud computing and other technologies to analyze large amounts of dynamic and static data quickly.

Investing is similar to opera in the sense that each strategy plays a unique role in a specific context. GTS has been focusing on researching high frequency trading (HFT) with AI strategies for many years, and according to users’ risk preferences, it offers customized strategies such as arbitrage strategies, trend strategies, market-making strategies, high-frequency strategies and various portfolio strategies to meet the needs of digital currency investors and achieve stable and effective profits.

GTS is fully decentralized and free from the malicious behaviors found in centralized quantitative institutions.

Based on smart contracts, cross-chain gateway technology, and cross-smart contract technology, GTS enables risk-free automated high-frequency trading of digital assets. Users can conduct high-frequency high frequency trading (HFT) with AI through GTS, with smart contracts processing and executing the transaction. This means that no other third parties are involved. The smart contracts mechanism monitors and executes the transaction process, preventing participants from contract default risk in high frequency trading (HFT) with AI. TOKEN, a new project supported by GTS, can perform risk-free high-frequency automated high frequency trading (HFT) with AI through high frequency trading (HFT) with AI investment platform services.

Finally, GTS is committed to complying with local regulatory guidelines and providing users with the most convenient access to their funds. By partnering with international payment provider Epay, GTS enables its users to pay bills by card. Users only need to initiate purchases in GTS and import five popular currencies – USD, HKD, JPY, EUR, GBP – to conduct high-frequency automated quantitative transactions with digital assets.

Users can be fully assured of the compliance of GTS!

As mentioned earlier, the biggest requirement for high frequency trading (HFT) with AI is profitability. How does GTS enable users to make profits? When you use GTS’s quantitative system, you have two options: You can invest money or high frequency time. The longer the time and the more money you invest, the higher the return you will get. Compared to defi products on the market, the returns are unmatched.

Last words…

AI trading is a microcosm of the crypto world in the sense that only a small number of people make a lot of money while most struggle desperately. To be a winning member of the high frequency trading (HFT) with AI segment, you need more than complex stop-loss strategies and rich arbitrage. You also need to have strong capital to help set the rules at the highest level and become a dealer in this game. Otherwise, sooner or later you will become the prey.

As an ordinary investor, GTS is one of th

e best choices.

We are in the early stage of high frequency trading (HFT) with AI, which also means the most profitable stage. If you miss this moment, it is probably as unfortunate as if you miss the early explosion of cryptocurrencies. Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and get in on GTS now!

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